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This is my personal blog of technical stuff.  I have another blog in Chinese  which is more laid-back. You are welcome to visit both (if you know Chinese),  and let me know!

Currently I live in Long Island of New York.  I had my undergrad BS degree in Automatic Control/Control Engineering,  an MS degree of System Engineering from South China University of Technology, another MS degree of Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota at Twin Cities, and a PhD in Traffic Engineering (with minors in Computer Engineering and Mathematics) from New York University.

My interests are at Traffic Simulation, Control, and Modelling.  A experienced programmer I am pretty good at putting thoughts quickly into software.  When free,  I am a HAM radio operator and enjoy reading (SciFi, technical, novels, or Buddhism).  I love court dramas such as The Practice, Boston Legal, Suits and witty shows such as Third Rock from the Sun.  Old-school books are  my favorites,   including Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand Animal Farm by George Orwell,  and Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.  I also enjoy classical Chinese literature and Buddhism Sutra  for ancient wisdom.

My recent work focuses on R&D of a new adaptive signal control system, for which I have been running the work as System Architect,  Key (a better word for “sole” or “lonely”) Programmer,  and Project Manager doing full-cycle project management.  I am a (maybe-self-claimed) expert  in traffic signal control and relevant ITS standards,  software design and agile development,  real-time control systems,  and ITS project management.  I am also a (maybe-self-claimed) expert on traffic simulation modelling, especially sophisticated applications requiring customization of the simulation software, at source code API-level or no-source-code binary level.

Feel free to discuss with me any exciting or interesting new career/business opportunities, or just interesting thoughts you would like to share. I do enjoy speaking to smart people – that is the reason I keep murmuring to myself on a daily basis.

You’re welcome to link to this site,  or use a single image and brief description to link back to any post. Republishing the posts in their entirety is frowned upon – that is my euphemistic expression for  prohibited – without my permission.

Have Fun!

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  • Hi Dr. Wuping Xin,

    I’m Stefano, I just want to thank you for your precious advices posted on the Aimsun yahoo group,
    concerning the BP implementation on a microsimulation environment.
    I am studing DUE potentials, according to Cang Cao’s suggestion.

    Best regards,

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