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Hey! This is my personal blog of technical stuff.  I have another blog in Chinese  which is more laid-back. You are welcome to visit both (if you know Chinese),  and let me know!

Currently I live in Long Island of New York.  I’ve earned an MS of Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota at Twin Cities, and a PhD in Traffic Engineering (with minors in Computer Engineering and Mathematics) from New York University.  These degrees didn’t make me feel any smarter (or equivalently take others as dumber), though, I did enjoy the research work by them.

My interests include Traffic Simulation, Control, and Modelling.  A experienced programmer I am pretty good at putting thoughts quickly into software.  When free,  I am a HAM radio operator and enjoy reading (SciFi, technical, novels, or Buddhism).  I enjoy court dramas such as The Practice, Boston Legal, Suits and witty shows such as Third Rock from the Sun.  Old-school books are  my favorites,   including Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand Animal Farm by George Orwell,  and Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.  I also enjoy classical Chinese literature and Buddhism Sutra  for ancient wisdom.

My recent work focuses on R&D of a new adaptive signal control system, for which I have been running the work as System Architect , Key (a better word for “sole” or “lonely”) Programmer,  and Project Manager doing full-cycle project management.  I am a (maybe-self-claimed) expert  in traffic signal control and relevant ITS standards with deep understanding,  software design and agile development,  real-time control systems,  and ITS project management.  I am also a (maybe-self-claimed) expert on traffic simulation modelling, especially sophisticated applications requiring customization of the simulation software, at source code or binary level.

Feel free to discuss with me any exciting or interesting new career/business opportunities, or just interesting thoughts you would like to share. I do enjoy speaking to smart people – that is the reason I murmur to myself on a daily basis.

You’re welcome to link to this site,  or use a single image and brief description to link back to any post. Republishing the posts in their entirety is frowned upon – that is my euphemistic expression for  prohibited – without my permission.

Have Fun!

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  • Hi Dr. Wuping Xin,

    I’m Stefano, I just want to thank you for your precious advices posted on the Aimsun yahoo group,
    concerning the BP implementation on a microsimulation environment.
    I am studing DUE potentials, according to Cang Cao’s suggestion.

    Best regards,

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